La Bodega de la Sal – Cáhuil

La Bodega de la Sal awaits located in Cáhuil, 12 km south of Pichilemu. Here you can buy sea salt Cáhuil in different formats, with dressings as merken, parsley, chive, garlic and red wine among others, bags addition to 50 kg. (No shipments are made). Besides that here you will find Quinoa, Divide, local fruits canned and delicious homemade jams, clay dishes, stone mortars and artisan foundations for hot pots. Here you can also find beautiful cypress planks and sliced, ideal for tables, backrests and furniture in general.



Sea salt, seasoned sea salt, canned fruits, jams, tables and cypress boards, clay crafts, Quinoa and.


Phone: +569 83971491 / +569 74140368