Artist residencies – Ethno Cahuilla

ETNO Cahuil are summer art exhibitions that bring together people from around the world to participate in a meeting of cultural exchange through music and the arts. The program lasts 10 days and includes workshops and activities related to music and the arts for creating great "Ethno Orchestra Cáhuil" who will play the staging called "Venetian Night", Cáhuil ancient tradition of celebrating the abundance that emerges from the salt in summer time and consisted of an allegory of boats traveling along the estuary Nilahue to its mouth. Today we seek to reinterpret this traditional festival through a world folklore festival based on the myths and legends surrounding the festival. The meeting takes its second version this summer between 16 and 25 February in Cáhuil, Pichilemu.



residencies, Venetian night - 16 al 25 February 2018, Cáhuil, Pichilemu.


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