Cáhuil, Linda Playa

start-of-sol-en-CahuilThis small and beautiful village located 12 kilometers south of Pichilemu and 6 Punta de Lobos, is nestled between woods and next to a beautiful lake in winter often leads to the sea. It has an incredible wealth and biodiversity, can be found here from seafood, until quinoa, papayas, and Salt Cáhuil (Coast salt produced by hand), but above all, He is known for its tranquility and beautiful landscapes, making it a truly magical place.

Cáhuil is a quiet and magical place, friendly and perfect for lounging. A good picture is walking or sport for its more than 6 km of almost deserted beaches, so at the end of the day, enjoy the sunsets that this place gives us. In his quiet saltwater lagoon (because of its connection to the sea) you can perform many activities, from fishing for gar-kings and snorers, to guided tours or boat rowed by yourself; kayak y Stand Up Paddle, while the more experienced take advantage of the winds in the area for kitesurfing.

In summer, its lagoon has areas suitable for swimming, guarded by lifeguards, where hundreds of tourists enjoy each season, it is also at this time when the salt harvest is done in the Las Salinas de Cáhuil, what it is presented as a unique opportunity to meet the entire process of production and artisanal mining, explained by their own Salineros.

Come and see this beautiful place, Cáhuil and Pichilemu are waiting all year!

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