Pichilemu, The Capital of Surf

Pichilemu is a beautiful and tranquil spa, whose name comes from the Mapudungun and means "small forest", located in Region VI, in central Chile, this place has become famous worldwide thanks to its waves and beautiful scenery, which attract thousands of Chileans and foreign tourists throughout the year.

How to get?

how to get to pichilemu

Getting to Pichilemu!

Located just 3 hours south of Santiago if you come by car (212 km. if you take Route 78 – Melipilla – Litueche – Pichilemu), and just under 4 hours bus, la capital del surf es una excelente opción para escapar a la playa en cualquier época del año, ya que gracias al gran crecimiento que ha experimentado en el último tiempo, hoy en día es posible encontrar una amplia oferta turística desde hospedajes y restaurantes, hasta atractivos turísticos y comercio de todo tipo.

Book ahead!

It is both the boom that Pichilemu, that dates such as Easter, Fiestas Patrias, long weekend or summer season (especially in February), It is recommended that you plan your trip and book at least one month in advance, so you will ensure you find the best options available and at better prices. You should also consider that at this time the lodgings give priority to those who book a minimum of 3 nights as there are thousands of tourists who want to visit this wonderful place.

You are looking for peace of mind?

If what you're looking for rest and relaxation, then dates as the first weeks of March are ideal for you, ya que te encontraras con un balneario tranquilo, illuminated by a warm summer sun, Beachy, estacionamientos y locales comerciales considerablemente menos poblados y lo más importante, all at prices low season. So if you are looking for tranquility and take advantage of all the benefits offered by Pichilemu, you can consider the spa as an option for all weekends of the year and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.