A perfect day in Pichilemu

If you often come to Pichilemu, or you plan to visit this beautiful resort, you can not miss this brief note that will allow you to take advantage of your weekend in the capital of Surf!

Phoenix Canariensis palms park ross pichilemu

Phoenix Canariensis Palms Park Ross, Pichilemu

To start, ideally morning, is a must stroll through the Ross Park, Historic site where you can enjoy its green meadows and towering palms Phoenix Canariensis. Here also you found that out the first casino in Chile and currently serves as a cultural center of the commune. Declared a national monument, Ross Park offers a beautiful view of the main beach and the bay Pichilemu. Down its long stairs, You find your craft fairs feet, shops and the beach terraces allowing you to take a relaxing walk by the sea.

At this point you will already hungry and following heading south, Playa Hermosa, shortly before arriving at Punta de Lobos, this La Waffleria, a place located on the beach, where you can taste sweet and savory waffles plus sandwiches, coffee and ice cream, so depending on the time, here you can have breakfast, lunch or even dinner enjoying a beautiful sunset overlooking the hills of Punta de Lobos.

sunset at Punta de Lobos

Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu.

Continuing our tour of the area, 6 kms. south of Pichilemu is Punta de Lobos, this magical place is known for its two towering rocks down the road, It offers world-class waves all year, in autumn-winter can reach 10 meters, besides sunsets each day they offer a unique postcard. If you're not a surfer, from its many viewpoints you can enjoy the scenery and entertainment that give those who dare to ride the waves. And if you dare to enter the sea, you can take surf lessons all year, and do not worry about the cold, that schools offer top quality equipment.

By now you've heard about Salt Cáhuil, and it was here we come. But before an obligatory step is the Laguna del Perro. located 8 kms. south of Pichilemu (2 km. Punta de Lobos), It is a quiet and beautiful freshwater lagoon, where fishing for kingfish and play sports like kayaking or Stand Up Paddle. Right here there is a camping where you can camp in all seasons.

pejerreyes lagoon fishing dog pichilemu

Fishing Pejerreyes, Laguna del Perro, Pichilemu.

And ending our tour, 12 kms south of the town of Pichilemu found Cáhuil, a beautiful village located between hills and its lagoon, of the same name, which in winter due to the rise of the channel it is usually connected with the sea, so its water is salty. Here besides fish, you can enjoy boat ride guided by a boatman place, or you can encourage and paddle yourself!

At the end of our road, 1 kilometer south of Cahuil, in the area of ​​Barrancas, they find each other Las Salinas, where salt is extracted by hand using ancient techniques, product is increasingly known and demanding in the kitchens of Chile and the world. Salt production is done in spring - summer, so if you come at this time, you will see with your own eyes how the process is done, but throughout the year you can find salt, salineros well with a great layout, I will explain the production process and their trade. You can also find salt Cahuil in different formats, flavors and varieties.

Back in Pichilemu and if you still have energy, at night you can go out and enjoy the best music in front of the wave, Waitara Club is open every Saturday throughout the year and during each long weekend to arm the party with live dj, 2 environments and terrace facing the wave.

And you expect your? See you in Pichilemu!

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