Kayaking and bird watching – Cáhuil

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Come and explore the corners of Pichilemu from a perspective where you can watch the birdlife of this unique ecosystem in Chile with a kayak trip through the lagoon Cáhuil. The journey begins in Pichilemu loading the kayaks and all equipment required for activity, that lasts 2 to 4 hours. Already at the starting point and after practice some basic navigation techniques, we head into the estuary Nilahue, where we can see old buildings of the inhabitants of Cáhuil and witness the rare and native forests still present some sectors bordering the estuary, corralled by pine and eucalyptus monocultures.

This place is frequented by a lot of birds that nest and feed in wetlands throughout the year, perfect setting for "birdwatching" or bird watching. Here we can see species such as the Swan Coscoroba, Black Swan Neck, Taguas, pathos, different types of Herons among other species, having the privilege of watching them closely respectfully entering his domain, in complete silence as it is essential for our journey respect for nature.

Upon arriving at our destination estero up, we can relax and enjoy the place, accompanied by a brief snack that will allow us to recharge and then begin the quiet return.



Kayaking "La Ruta de la Sal" the lagoon Cáhuil, bird watching, flora and fauna of the wetland of Cáhuil and Estero Nilahue.


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