Restaurants in Pichilemu: The tastiest of the Surf Capital

In recent years the cuisine of Pichilemu has grown impressively both[...]

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will the cahuil, pichilemu

How Cáhuil salt is produced?

Las Salinas, bordering the Estero Nilahue, also it is known as "Laguna de Cáhuil", now[...]

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premiacion leilani mcgonagle pichilemu womens pro 2017

Leilani McGonagle Pichilemu Crown Women's Pro takes 2017

Young Costa Rican only 17 Pichilemu years champion was crowned Women's Pro[...]

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ceremonial tip of wolves 2017

Ceremonial Punta de Lobos 2017

The event convened 24 national and international surfers was a success, before[...]

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how to get to pichilemu

Pichilemu, The Capital of Surfing in Chile

Pichilemu is a beautiful and tranquil spa, located in the sixth region, in the central area of[...]

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Trial ceremonial tip lobos 2016

Ceremonial returns to its roots

After the WSL (world surf league) transform the event into a date[...]

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cristian merello grown tip wolves

Season giant waves that you can not miss

Climate changes affecting the world are a fact, and like all, also in Pichilemu[...]

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RallyMobil Grand Prix pichilemu 2017

Rally Mobil Grand Prix Pichilemu 2017

Pichilemu Grand Prix along flawlessly, accompanied by an excellent climate, so much[...]

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National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

Punta de Lobos Pro 2016

This weekend (4 al 6 of November) It was held in Punta de Lobos[...]

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Sofia Mulanovich First womans pro pichilemu 2016

Sofía Mulanovich gets the Pichilemu Women's Pro 2016

Peru experienced surfer managed to keep first place in the Women's pro Pichilemu 2016[...]

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sofia mulanovich pichilemu womans pro 2015

Get Pichilemu Surf World Female

For the third consecutive year, Pichilemu date will host a world women's surfing circuit.[...]

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crown-industrial giant wave tip of wolves 2016

Corona trial Punta de Lobos 2016

Few times a year we have the opportunity to enjoy an event like the[...]

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Rally mobile laguna de petrel pichilemu

Rally Mobil Grand Prix Pichilemu 2016

The Mobil Rally was first held in Pichilemu and not the surfing capital[...]

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Wolf pointed surf pichilemu

As a perfect day Pichilemu

Every weekend thousands of tourists visiting from all over Chile Pichilemu[...]

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sunset lagoon Cahuil

Cáhuil, Linda Playa

This peaceful and beautiful town located 12 kilometers south of Pichilemu and 6 km.[...]

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