Leilani McGonagle Pichilemu Crown Women's Pro takes 2017

premiacion leilani mcgonagle pichilemu womens pro 2017

Leilani McGonagle in the wave of 10 points that gave him the crown.

Young Costa Rican only 17 Pichilemu years champion was crowned Women's Pro 2017 beating the Australian Freya Pruemm in a tight end under conditions of near-perfect wave.

After finishing second last year (2016) before the Peruvian and former world champion Sofía Mulanovich, Leilani McGonagle Punta de Lobos again wanting revenge and from the beginning showed himself to campeonar.

The first two days of competition the wave was very complicated, with great power, messy sea and series that often exceeded 2 meters, the surfers had to test all their physical and mental capacity to make progress on each sleeve.

However and fate of all, the third day came with epic conditions. Bright sunshine accompanied the great crowd that repletaba the viewpoints and the beach, with little wind, sea ​​waves orderly and no more than 2 meters, It was all given to have a top-notch end sleeves. And at low tide the semifinals that left competitors launched Daniela Rosas (Peru) and Josefina Ane (Argentina) both with 3rd place and gave way to Freya Pruemm (2of the place) y Leilani McGonagle (1st place) play the final. And it was the young Costa Rican surfer, who in a final run with good but few waves, He took it and ran with great style and solidity, a wall of water that gave him perfect 10 points (top marks) and she allowed him to stay with the first QS his young and promising career.

Ceremonial Punta de Lobos 2017

ceremonial tip of wolves 2017

The event convened 24 national and international surfers was a success, before a great crowd and waves 4 to 6 meters high came as the day progressed, we could enjoy an amazing spectacle that included dropazos, falls and much suspense to see more than one competitor being dragged along the platform morros, but above all we could see the high level of national surfers, among which were Hector Vargas and Alejandro Fuenzalida, debutantes in the Ceremonial and finalists Reinaldo Ibarra Chacha, Ramón Navarro, Ignacio Navarro, Diego Medina, Cristian Merello and champion Leon Vicuna.

Pichilemu, The Capital of Surf


Pichilemu is a beautiful and tranquil spa, whose name comes from the Mapudungun and means "small forest", located in Region VI, in central Chile, this place has become famous worldwide thanks to its waves and beautiful scenery, which attract thousands of Chileans and foreign tourists throughout the year.

How to get?

how to get to pichilemu

Getting to Pichilemu!

Located just 3 hours south of Santiago if you come by car (212 km. if you take Route 78 – Melipilla – Litueche – Pichilemu), and just under 4 hours bus, the surfing capital is an excellent choice to escape the beach at any time of year, and thanks to the great growth experienced in recent times, today it is possible to find a wide range of tourist from lodgings and restaurants, to tourist attractions and trade of all kinds.

Book ahead!

It is both the boom that Pichilemu, that dates such as Easter, Fiestas Patrias, long weekend or summer season (especially in February), It is recommended that you plan your trip and book at least one month in advance, so you will ensure you find the best options available and at better prices. You should also consider that at this time the lodgings give priority to those who book a minimum of 3 nights as there are thousands of tourists who want to visit this wonderful place.

You are looking for peace of mind?

If what you're looking for rest and relaxation, then dates as the first weeks of March are ideal for you, as you will find a peaceful spa, illuminated by a warm summer sun, Beachy, parking and retail space significantly less populated and most importantly, all at prices low season. So if you are looking for tranquility and take advantage of all the benefits offered by Pichilemu, you can consider the spa as an option for all weekends of the year and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


Ceremonial returns to its roots

Trial ceremonial tip lobos 2016

After the WSL (world surf league) transform the event into a date world tour giant waves, there were several changes this suffered, from impeding the free transmission via streaming by national media, until the change of name to "Punta de Lobos Challenge" in 2016, event that was never realized because no conditions occurred during the waiting period.

cristian merello grown tip wolves

Cristian Merello grown Punta de Lobos 2017

After making and unmaking the most important championship giant waves sudamerica, it is 2017 the WSL rejected several dates World Tour, including Punta de Lobos, Ideal opportunity for this party national surf back to its roots, recovering its original name and having as main protagonists surfers and local sponsors, thus acquiring a more familiar character, with a sustainable focus and less commercial.

Thus the waiting period was launched to carry out the Ceremonial Punta de Lobos between 15 June and 15 September 2017, term which is expected to hit the coast a storm surge with waves of Pichilemu at least 7 meters, minimum height required to launch the event where they will compete 24 national and international surfers, among which local Cristián Merello, Diego Medina, Ramón Navarro, Ignacio Navarro, León Vicuña and Héctor Vargas, who will compete to be crowned champions of this mythical event.

Unlike previous, Ceremonial this year has a much more sustainable character. There will be great emphasis on transmitting via streaming, thus reducing the impact that the event attracting thousands to the cliffs of Punta de Lobos, in addition to recycling points and environmental education.

So be attentive to the green alert and meanwhile you can relive the last spate of proportions that reached the shores of the Capital of Surf!

Season giant waves that you can not miss

cristian merello grown tip wolves

Climate changes affecting the world are a fact, and like all, Pichilemu also have noticed. Normally the season giant wave in the southern hemisphere occurs in the period autumn - winter, time when sea storms are generated in, south Pacific Ocean, produce poorly known "tidal waves" that travel hundreds of kilometers to the coast of Chile, where to meet shallower funds, up waves that can reach up 10 meters in areas such as Los Morros de Punta de Lobos.

But nevertheless, in recent years, It has been increasingly common to see these swells off season, Thus this summer 2017 Punta de Lobos had more than one day with waves along the 5 meters, phenomenon a few years ago was extremely rare. Thanks to the above, and what we have seen at the beginning of this fall (2017), This season is expected to be one of the best in recent years, floods may get to see every week, opportunity that no big wave surfer want to miss, so this year we have a guaranteed show, you just have to be vigilant.

So next time you hear that storm surges approach, think of Pichilemu and if weekend, escape to the surfing capital in a show natural, world-class, completely free and completely safe.

Rally Mobil Grand Prix Pichilemu 2017

RallyMobil Grand Prix pichilemu 2017

Pichilemu Grand Prix along flawlessly, accompanied by an excellent climate, both the organization, as the authorities and the public were at the height of the event held for the second time in the surf capital. Starting on Friday night, with a great staging, the 34 binomials made their presentation at the official start date, first of the year, in the presence of hundreds of fans.

RallyMobil stellar starting pichilemu

GP Star game Pichilemu 2017

Saturday began testing different ways tours, many clay and beautiful scenery, GP making Pichilemu, a favorite dates for pilots and organizers. On Sunday the remaining courses would be conducted, spread between days 15 Special tests over 169 km route, where pilots and navigators had to test all his skill to overcome the narrow and difficult roads locked out 12 vehicles with mechanical problems and outputs route.

In this first date RallyMobil 2017, the big winners were Benjamin Israel (pilot) and Marcelo Der Ohannesian (navigator) aboard a Citroen DS3, for the second year taking first place in the Grand Prix in the category R3 Pichilemu. On the other hand, Emilio Fernández (pilot) and Joaquín Riquelme (navigator) win were carried aboard a Ford Fiesta T, beating none other than the great Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez aboard a Peugeot 208 R2 category.

Reviewing the video highlights and gallery which was the RallyMobil Grand Prix Pichilemu 2017!









Punta de Lobos Pro 2016

National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

This weekend (4 al 6 of November) the seventh round of the National Surf Circuit took place in Punta de Lobos. The Punta de Lobos Pro 2016 brought together the best exponents of Chile and waves finally they lived up. The event was undoubtedly a success, with waves between Saturday and Sunday they exceeded 2 meters, allowed attendees enjoy tubing and spectacular maneuvers by competitors.

National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

National champion Nicolas Vargas 2016

Even smaller, struggling to demonstrate its high level and clear for first place, They dared to ride waves that doubled their size, in one of the most critical and difficult sections of Punta de Lobos, dazzling the audience with their skill and courage.

Between the 6 categories highlighted in Open category Nicolas Vargas, national champion Guillermo Satt and dethroning Open Women Lorena Fica current number 1 national ranking female. Here we leave the winners for each category and event gallery!

Open category Men
1.- Nicholas Vargas – Pichilemu

Category Ladies Open:
1.- Lorraine It – Arica

Junior Men category:
1.- Roberto Araki – Rapa Nui

Junior Ladies category:
1.- Escobar Natalia – Pichilemu

Sub Category 16:
1.- Cristopher Rojas – Pichilemu

Sub Category 14:
1.- Nicolas Ramos – Arica



Sofía Mulanovich gets the Pichilemu Women's Pro 2016

Sofia Mulanovich First womans pro pichilemu 2016
Sofia Mulanovich First womans pro pichilemu 2016

Sofia Mulanovich Pichilemu 1st place Women's Pro 2016

Peru experienced surfer managed to keep first place in the Women's pro Pichilemu 2016 in a tight final played against Costa Rica Leilani McGonagle. championship, who handed over 10.000 dollars in prize money and was held in Punta de Lobos, It had a frame of public never seen before in this type of event, which speaks of exponential growth that has experienced the surf a few years ago.

Starting on Friday with very unfavorable wind conditions, competitors had to show all his talent and experience to make the most of the few series of waves coming out so we can move on to the next round.

pichilemu public womans pro 2016

Public final day Pichilemu Women's Pro 2016

On Saturday the wind conditions were optimal, but the waves were expected and surfers had few opportunities to add score. This second day of competition was marked by a visitor forced to stop the championship for a few minutes. A shark spotted by the jet skis that provide security and support for competing, He forced the organization to remove all water, competitors and surfers were practicing elsewhere. After minutes of uncertainty and a series of sweeps made by the bikes championship could resume as normal.

The third and final day of competition without doubt was the best, with incredible frame overflowing public beach and viewpoints, the sun and waves did not want to be absent, allowing attendees to enjoy the beach as if it were midsummer, while the waves improved in size and frequency also catching up to the grand finale of Pichilemu Woman's Pro 2016. The event ended in 3rd place leaving the ariqueña Lorena Fica and Argentina Josefina Ané, 2nd place in the Costa Rican Leilani McGonagle and 1st place in the Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich who took 6.000 USD as a prize and 1.500 QS ranking points.

Check out the gallery of this spectacular event then!

Get Pichilemu Surf World Female

sofia mulanovich pichilemu womans pro 2015
sofia mulanovich pichilemu womans pro 2015

Sofia Mulanovich, a finalist last year in Punta de Lobos

For the third consecutive year, Pichilemu date will host a world women's surfing circuit. He Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman’s Pro 2016, It will be held in Punta de Lobos, between 27 and 30 October, where they will participate between 40 and 50 competing worldwide.

This date (31°) It is the penultimate circuit, so the competitors will come with everything to fight the last points to climb in the rankings and be among the 20 top, in order to qualify for the Women's World Champion Tour.

Representing Chile include Lorena Fica and local Jessica Anderson in positions 71 ° and 100 ° respectively in the world rankings.

This date also coincides with a long weekend, so we expect a great crowd, so if you do not want to miss this event start planning your trip make! Find the best accommodation Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos and Cahuil here!

See you in Pichilemu!

Corona trial Punta de Lobos 2016

crown-industrial giant wave tip of wolves 2016
One of the biggest waves that entered during the day.

One of the biggest waves that entered during the day.

Few times a year we have the opportunity to enjoy an event like the Corona-industrial, and the Sunday 19 of June (2016) It was memorable. With a great crowd and a family atmosphere, Punta de Lobos were greeted with waves up 8 meters. Despite the norther that was not expected and increased with the passing hours, the 28 national surfers tested all his skill and experience to fight for 3 quotas in the Punta de Lobos Challenge (better known as Ceremonial).

Before 9:00 am and were the first riders in the water ready to lose those huge olona. With a somewhat slow start by the ocean, opportunities were scarce catch a wave and 45 minutes that lasted each sleeve were few, but late in the morning Punta de Lobos began to show its full potential, increasing in size and frequency.

Guillermo Satt-industrial crown tip wolves 2016

Guillermo Set, First of The Corona-industrial 2016.

In the afternoon, the final was long with a north wind hit hard and even harder to get down and run a successful wave. But nevertheless, the high level of competitors, It allowed us to enjoy an intense final, that was not decided until the last minute, with the entry of series of waves advancing against time, and that he was allowed to ariqueño Guillermo Satt, stay with the top of the Corona-industrial, leaving second local representative Ignacio Navarro and third Federico Mekis. These 3 surfers, Ramon Navarro accompany, Diego Medina, Cristian Merello and Chacha Ibarra, representing Chile in the Punta de Lobos Challenge, to develop conditions arise penalties.

Thus it ended this great event, with an incredible audience behaved and showed great respect for this treasure called Punta de Lobos once again delighted us with waves of epic proportions.


Rally Mobil Grand Prix Pichilemu 2016

Rally mobile laguna de petrel pichilemu

The Mobil Rally was first held in Pichilemu surf capital and was not disappointed. With excellent and demanding roads, a great support from the people and the authorities, Pichilemu Grand Prix was a success. He had a spectacular start in the Plaza Prat Friday night, then move on to the clay roads of Pichilemu and play special Saturday and Sunday, day the heavy rains that fell in just a couple of hours prevented the start of the last test.

On this second day of Rally Mobil, the undisputed winner was Benjamin Israel aboard a Citroen DS3 and belonging to the Monster Energy team, Christopher Vidaurre outstripping current season champion.

It was thus concluded over 160 km long and adrenaline, tourists and especially the people of Pichilemu, They had the opportunity to enjoy first. Review images and video of the Grand Prix here Pichilemu:

A perfect day in Pichilemu

Wolf pointed surf pichilemu

If you often come to Pichilemu, or you plan to visit this beautiful resort, you can not miss this brief note that will allow you to take advantage of your weekend in the capital of Surf!

Phoenix Canariensis palms park ross pichilemu

Phoenix Canariensis Palms Park Ross, Pichilemu

To start, ideally morning, is a must stroll through the Ross Park, Historic site where you can enjoy its green meadows and towering palms Phoenix Canariensis. Here also you found that out the first casino in Chile and currently serves as a cultural center of the commune. Declared a national monument, Ross Park offers a beautiful view of the main beach and the bay Pichilemu. Down its long stairs, You find your craft fairs feet, shops and the beach terraces allowing you to take a relaxing walk by the sea.

At this point you will already hungry and following heading south, Playa Hermosa, shortly before arriving at Punta de Lobos, this La Waffleria, a place located on the beach, where you can taste sweet and savory waffles plus sandwiches, coffee and ice cream, so depending on the time, here you can have breakfast, lunch or even dinner enjoying a beautiful sunset overlooking the hills of Punta de Lobos.

sunset at Punta de Lobos

Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu.

Continuing our tour of the area, 6 kms. south of Pichilemu is Punta de Lobos, this magical place is known for its two towering rocks down the road, It offers world-class waves all year, in autumn-winter can reach 10 meters, besides sunsets each day they offer a unique postcard. If you're not a surfer, from its many viewpoints you can enjoy the scenery and entertainment that give those who dare to ride the waves. And if you dare to enter the sea, you can take surf lessons all year, and do not worry about the cold, that schools offer top quality equipment.

By now you've heard about Salt Cáhuil, and it was here we come. But before an obligatory step is the Laguna del Perro. located 8 kms. south of Pichilemu (2 km. Punta de Lobos), It is a quiet and beautiful freshwater lagoon, where fishing for kingfish and play sports like kayaking or Stand Up Paddle. Right here there is a camping where you can camp in all seasons.

pejerreyes lagoon fishing dog pichilemu

Fishing Pejerreyes, Laguna del Perro, Pichilemu.

And ending our tour, 12 kms south of the town of Pichilemu found Cáhuil, a beautiful village located between hills and its lagoon, of the same name, which in winter due to the rise of the channel it is usually connected with the sea, so its water is salty. Here besides fish, you can enjoy boat ride guided by a boatman place, or you can encourage and paddle yourself!

At the end of our road, 1 kilometer south of Cahuil, in the area of ​​Barrancas, they find each other Las Salinas, where salt is extracted by hand using ancient techniques, product is increasingly known and demanding in the kitchens of Chile and the world. Salt production is done in spring - summer, so if you come at this time, you will see with your own eyes how the process is done, but throughout the year you can find salt, salineros well with a great layout, I will explain the production process and their trade. You can also find salt Cahuil in different formats, flavors and varieties.

Back in Pichilemu and if you still have energy, at night you can go out and enjoy the best music in front of the wave, Waitara Club is open every Saturday throughout the year and during each long weekend to arm the party with live dj, 2 environments and terrace facing the wave.

And you expect your? See you in Pichilemu!

How Cáhuil salt is produced?

Sal de cahuil

Las Salinas, bordering the Estero Nilahue, also it is known as "Laguna de Cáhuil", currently they located in the area of ​​Canyon, 2 km south of Cáhuil and are worked hundreds of years ago, It is indigenous to the area the first to use this ancient technique for harvesting salt.

Estero Nilahue industry Barrancas

Foreign Nilahue – Sector Barrancas

Thanks to that during much of the year the estuary empties into the Pacific Ocean, sea ​​level near its water is salty, which it forms the basis for the production process of salt. On the shore of the estuary several "quarters" are drawn about 20 square meters each, in this network of barracks that have different levels, the salt water will slowly decanting a small mechanism between each barrack gates, to completely evaporate and leave a layer of fine salt, clean and completely natural.

The production process part in spring (September), after the rains and when the low level estuary, allowing the salt to clean the barracks and then let the salt water. Decantation and evaporation through the various headquarters takes several months and is so in summer and depending on external conditions that occur during the season (rain, temperature, humidity), extraction normally lasts until March will begin,es.

Salinas de Cahuil, pichilemu, chile

Salinas de Cáhuil, Pichilemu, Chile

Production ceases different types of salt depending on its proximity to the layer of clay that lies at the bottom of the barracks. The first layer is a thin, clean agglomeration of salt called "flower of salt" is then the "mousse" and sea salt premium. The lower layers are called second and third salt, those used for leather production processes, removing snow from roads in areas with temperatures below zero, among other things.

Today this wonderful and ancient process has been recognized by the Council for Culture and the Arts as a “Living Human Treasure” together with other impulses, It has been allowed to add value to production to begin manufacturing gourmet salt with different spices like, merquén, cayenne, it, ciboullette, algae and salt smoked salmon and many more.

We invite you to visit this beautiful place, where you can take a walk along Las Salinas de Cáhuil and sightseeing, take salt in different formats, as a souvenir, Kitchen, Bath or shop wholesale and leverage spend to eat at any of the traditional local restaurants.

Las Salinas de Cáhuil waiting!

Cáhuil, Linda Playa

sunset lagoon Cahuil

start-of-sol-en-CahuilThis small and beautiful village located 12 kilometers south of Pichilemu and 6 Punta de Lobos, is nestled between woods and next to a beautiful lake in winter often leads to the sea. It has an incredible wealth and biodiversity, can be found here from seafood, until quinoa, papayas, and Salt Cáhuil (Coast salt produced by hand), but above all, He is known for its tranquility and beautiful landscapes, making it a truly magical place.

Cáhuil is a quiet and magical place, friendly and perfect for lounging. A good picture is walking or sport for its more than 6 km of almost deserted beaches, so at the end of the day, enjoy the sunsets that this place gives us. In his quiet saltwater lagoon (because of its connection to the sea) you can perform many activities, from fishing for gar-kings and snorers, to guided tours or boat rowed by yourself; kayak y Stand Up Paddle, while the more experienced take advantage of the winds in the area for kitesurfing.

In summer, its lagoon has areas suitable for swimming, guarded by lifeguards, where hundreds of tourists enjoy each season, it is also at this time when the salt harvest is done in the Las Salinas de Cáhuil, what it is presented as a unique opportunity to meet the entire process of production and artisanal mining, explained by their own Salineros.

Come and see this beautiful place, Cáhuil and Pichilemu are waiting all year!