«Find the best restaurants, restobars and cafes of Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos and Cáhuil»

Quartz lodge restaurant

Restaurant Quartz Lodge – Punta de Lobos

Restaurant Cuarzo Lodge te espera con una vista privilegiada a Punta de Lobos y hermosos[...]

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norther cafe pichilemu

North Wind Cafe and Pizzeria – Pichilemu

North wind cafe is a great place to taste a good coffee with rich[...]

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Buda Restaurant Boutique – Pichilemu

Buddha hope to conquer and awaken your senses through dishes, drinks and wines[...]

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restaurant overlooking the sea wolves tip

Alaia Restaurant – Punta de Lobos

Alaia Restaurant is part of Hotel Alaia and is open to the public, here you can[...]

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Italian meatloaf sandwich Sangucheria green house pichilemu

Sangucheria La Casa Verde – Pichilemu

Casa Verde is the first Sangucheria Pichilemu addition to offering exquisite and[...]

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Restaurant Mirador de Santa Irene – Pichilemu

Mirador de Santa Irene restaurant, is part of the resort of Santa Irene Cabins,[...]

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burger beer pichilemu

Burger Beer – Pichilemu

Burger Beer Pichilemu, is located in the shopping center Altomar, way to Punta de Lobos,[...]

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Cahuil restaurant entrance jars of sea pichilemu

Restaurant Tinajas del Mar – Cáhuil

Located in Cáhuil, south of Pichilemu, Restaurant Tinajas del Mar has spacious and[...]

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Sangucheria The Contra – Pichilemu

Come fight hunger with rich, economic and abundant “sanguches” with bases churrascos,[...]

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terrace overlooking the lagoon restaurant Cahuil the salt

Las Salinas Restaurant – Cáhuil

Located in Cáhuil, to south of Pichilemu and road to Las Salinas, Restaurant The[...]

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the diver Cahuil restaurant pichilemu

El Buzo de Cáhuil Restaurant

With nearly 30 years of existence, The diver Cáhuil Restaurant offers traditional food fish[...]

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octopus bar restaurant pichilemu

Pulpo Bar Restaurant – Pichilemu

Pulpo Bar Restaurant, located in Av. Ortuzar, in the heart of Pichilemu, provides an environment[...]

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the waffleria pichilemu

La Waffleria – Pichilemu

The Wafflería Brussels Pichilemu is an excellent alternative to enjoy waterfront[...]

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